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What is Aprendiz?

Aprendiz is a platform conceived for hibrid learning, in-class, online or mixed, in formal or informal education courses. It gamifies assesment and feedback in order to promote that both have a continued positive influence in the learning and motivation of students. Professors, instructors and trainers of any type of course, whether in a school, university, academy, private or public organization, can very easily enhance their exams and asessable activities with some game mechanisms.

The professor's job will be easier, specifically concerning communication with their students, feedback and assesment.

Aprendiz implements a carefully and strategically chosen mix of game mechanics and dynamics to exams and activities, including amulets that give practical advantages, amulet interchange, challenges between students, point accumulation, abstract and customizable levels, point gifting and a easy and open space for communication and peer to peer assesment.

Differently than similar sistems, Aprendiz isn't solely based in the Role Playing Game model, nor does it creat an "alternate world" with characters and story. Students play as themselves and the dynamic is more similar to a game show, where the teacher is who decides the environment, tone or narrative space for the group.

Aprendiz makes the creation of multiple choice exams easier and automatizes their assesment, allows easy feedback. All of this will help students to be enthusiastic about their exams and activities.