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10 reasons to use Aprendiz

  1. The professor can save many hours implementing and enforcing game rules, and only worry about looking at exam results, grading activities and interacting with students.
  2. Creating the tests is very easy and fast, wether from scratch or importing an existing document.
  3. Tests are automatically graded and all results are available in real time.
  4. Students will be interested in repeating exams.
  5. Students have an incentive to make an effort in their activities, since they are published for the whole group and students vote for them.
  6. Results are reported clearly, in an abriged or detailed way, and are downloadable.
  7. The professor determines the tone and mental environment of their class. It doesn't require involving with any forced narrative or story.
  8. The professor will have complete control over their class. Aprendiz does not include grades as part of the game or modifies the class dynamic, in any aspect except assesment.
  9. Aprendiz does not require installing a specific application.
  10. Aprendiz doesn't gamify grades, only involvement.